History of Ahmad Dadkhah Company

History and activity of Ahmad Dadkhah Tea Company and Sasan Tea Company from about 1342 until today in the trading house of the dear father, Mr. Akbar Dadkhah, with the aim of producing and processing different types of tea and importing.

Ahmad Dadkhah tea brand in 1373 according to the rules and regulations of the Companies Registration Office and Industrial Property in the 30th and 29th floors, etc. for more than 100 types of goods and food, including tea, tea, coffee, saffron, cocoa, chocolate, syrup We have registered tools, licensed drinks, nuts and beans, etc., and we also have different brands.

Ahmad Iranian Shayan Co., Ltd has been registered since 2009, which is active in the field of buying, selling, exporting, producing tea, coffee, tea and saffron, and in 1990, it changed from a limited liability company to a private limited company.

Now, with suitable facilities and variety in quality and cardboard packaging, laminating and metallization and very standard and hygienic envelopes with automatic and semi-automatic machines in the production level is one of the best collections in the country. We also have German Tibg packing machines and Demonush pyramid machines, etc.